Fishing for wild Alaskan salmon is world-famous and an iconic experience that is not to be missed. Wrangell is home to all five species of Pacific salmon that return at various times throughout the summer months. King, silver, chum, sockeye, and pink salmon swim right by Wrangell as they head to their native spawning rivers and streams. Notably, Wrangell is strategically located at the mouth of the famous Stikine River, the second-largest salmon-producing river in the entire region. We are fishing nearby calm protected ocean waters, short runs means more fishing. Typically our primary focus is on the legendary king and silver salmon. The most effective and our most frequently used method is trolling, which definitely produces the most hookups when targeting king and silver salmon.


If you’re looking for a way to spend high-quality time with friends or family nothing beats the comradery and thrill of salmon fishing with Alaska Charters in Wrangell’s majestic protected waters.

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