Salmon and halibut are among the favorite catches but they are certainly not the only fish in the sea. If you are on a multi-day charter and make previous arrangements with your guide, you might consider chasing some of these fun and tasty varieties:

Cod in Alaska


Lingcod and other codfish can be caught in our region. They are mild and tasty, and they are a great addition to your day’s catch.

Giant rockfish in Alaska


These colorful fine eating fish are highly sought after. The many interesting varieties and regulations vary throughout the season, Your guide will let you know which ones you can catch during your charter.

Dungeness crab

Licensed and permitted sport fisherman can try their luck with Dungeness crab. To participate in this fishery you will need to be hands-on. You will bait, set, and pull the pots and measure the crab in real-time. This is a fun activity with friends and family if you are on one of our multi-day charters.

Alaskan Shrimp


If you want to seek out shrimp then it is a similar story to finding crab so be prepared to get your hands dirty. You won’t find a more delicious treat than these tiny crustaceans. You will have a greater appreciation of this fine delicacy once you have had hands-on experience of setting and pulling shrimp pots.

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