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For over half a century, our family has been rewarded by the vast resources the rich waters of Southeast Alaska provided. Whether it was commercial fishing for halibut and salmon or seeking the exhilarating fight on rod and reel, we have always felt a deep connection to the sea, and we continue to depend on it to make a living. We believe in order to pass on traditions, we must work together to keep a sustainable resource available for the future of everyone. Alaska Charters Fishing participates in the Alaska Travel Industries program Adventure Green. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and provide epic fishing experience for you.

John Yeager of Alaska Charters & Adventures

John A. Yeager

As owner and captain of the vessel “Timber Wolf”, he is the primary captain and fishing guide for Alaska Charters Fishing. He has been an avid outdoorsman and fisherman for his entire life and became a full-time professional fishing guide after retiring from the US Coast Guard. Being a professional fishing guide is a perfect fit for John because he prides himself on his thorough and thoughtful commitment to preparation and attention to detail. John is outgoing and has a great sense of humor. He truly enjoys making new friends and putting them on the fish.

John holds a USCG 100 ton Masters License. Has extensive military and civilian training from Emergency Medical training to Port Security Operations. He is an Alaska state-certified naturalist, certified Alaska cultural host, and is on the Wrangell Fish & Game Advisory board. During part of the year, John is a commercial halibut fisherman and is also a recognized writer for several fishing publications. He is also a pro staff guide for many premium fishing tackle and outdoor gear manufacturers

Brenda of Alaska Up Close

Brenda Schwartz-Yeager

I was raised in a family of Alaskan pioneers and commercial fishermen. After years of working long trips at sea off the Alaska coast, I was ready to start a family and stay a little closer to home. So I took up my next great love and started my own tour company sharing my amazing backyard wilderness and pristine waters with adventurous travelers. This was a natural transition for me as I had worked earlier as a guide, fisherman and was pretty comfortable behind the wheel of a boat. Now, 32 years later, I hope that you can still sense my overwhelming passion and excitement for where I live. I also hope that my many years in the Alaska backcountry have made me a wiser guide and better leader, or at the very least I’ve got some really great stories to tell you!

I don’t want this to sound like a resume, but I believe that credentials, training, and experience help qualify characteristics in a well-prepared guide. So, here are just a few of mine.

I hold a 100 ton Masters Coast Guard license and am a State of Alaska certified guide and naturalist also a licensed State of Alaska fishing guide. I am a State Safe boating instructor and Alaska Marine Safety Education Association instructor as well as a State Certified Alaska host, National certified interpretive guide, cultural host. I have a long history of wilderness emergency medical training and have been an EMT 2 and firefighter locally.

More than anything else, I love playing outside… Camping, kayaking, fishing, hunting, climbing, diving, and hiking. If you spend a day with me in the wilderness I hope you will benefit from my extensive training and 32 years as a full-time professional guide, but more than that, I hope you will catch my contagious sense of play and my enthusiasm for nature.

Mike Ottensen of Alaska Charters & Adventures

Michael Ottesen

Born and raised in Wrangell, I have always found a way to be on the water. Whether it was fishing, hunting, or going up the Stikine River with friends, I’ve always loved being outdoors. My true passion is fishing for Alaska’s most sought-after species, king salmon, and halibut.
After I graduated from high school, I began working with Alaska Charters and Adventures as a deckhand and assistant guide. In the spring of 2016, I received my US Coast Guard Masters license and launched my first season as a full-time fishing guide operating my own vessel.

“As owners of Alaska Charters and Adventures, John and I have been watching “Mikey” over the years develop into an accomplished outdoorsman. His many years adventuring in our area have given him a wealth of knowledge well beyond his years. Mikey genuinely enjoys all things outdoors and is a skillful fisherman, backcountry guide, EMT, and a blast to be with!”

Nancy Delpero

In 1975 I traveled with friends to Alaska on a 3 month holiday, it was a trip of a lifetime. Who knew that 38 years later I would move to Wrangell, Alaska. As soon as I arrived on the ferry, I knew it was the right decision. I was born in New England and have always felt most comfortable in the wilderness. My earliest memory as a child is riding my bike with training wheels around the neighborhood and with the wind in my face, the trainers flew off and there was no stopping me.

I have worked in the outdoor industry for 37 years, spattered through that time I have also worked in the hospitality industry. The combination has proved to be perfect for my job at Alaska Charters & Adventures as an administrative and reservation specialist.

“As owners of Alaska Charters and Adventures, we feel like we should be truthful in saying that nothing would happen without Nancy. She is truly a genius with a masterful balance between complex spreadsheets and thoughtfully remembering the most personalized details of our guests. Nancy brings to our team a depth of business and outdoor industry skills combined with genuine care and a great sense of humor.”

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