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Alaska Charters Fishing Report – May 2021

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Captain John Yeager, F/V TimberWolf

What’s Happening!

  • 2021 Charter Halibut regs
  • Fishing license pricing
  • 2021 King Salmon regs
  • Alaska Seafood recipe

2021 CHARTER HALIBUT REGULATIONS: On February 25, 2021, NMFS NOAA Fisheries released the 2021 Charter Halibut regulations for Alaska. For those of you that will be fishing out of Wrangell onboard the “Timber Wolf,” you will be able to keep one halibut each day that is either 50” and under or 72” and larger. A 50” halibut is approximately 60 pounds live weight, and a 72” is approximately 195 pounds.

NMFS refers to this regulation as “U50/O72,” which creates a reverse slot management tactic to return certain size halibut into the water. Regulations are a good thing and essential to maintaining a healthy stock for future fishing opportunities.

And speaking of opportunity, Alaska Charters and Adventures is the only charter fishing company in Wrangell to offer their anglers GAF (guided angler fish) halibut while they are on a charter. Simply, a GAF halibut is typically a halibut that falls into the reverse slot size, between 50” and 72” and must be released, but if you want to keep that trophy halibut, you can have the opportunity to buy the halibut and add it to your fish box. GAF fish prices vary each year as the cost is derived on what NOAA determines as the halibut’s average size in SE Alaska and the going rate of commercially caught halibut.

Never fear if this GAF thing sounds complex and challenging because it is my job to help you understand the rules and advise you on how to take advantage of this opportunity. No pressure, you can decide on the spot, and I will help you all the way!

2021 ALASKA STATE FISHING LICENSE FEES: The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has reduced its non-resident fishing license fees for 2021. This is an effort to help bring anglers to Alaska to fish and help support local economies. The prices are:

1 day fishing license = $15 (down from $25)
3 day fishing license = $30 (down from $45)
7 day fishing license = $45 (down from $70)
14 day fishing license = $75 (down from $105)

2021 KING SALMON REGULATIONS: ADF&G announced on March 3, 2021, the Sportfishing Regulations for King Salmon in the Petersburg/Wrangell Area. Non-resident anglers are allowed one King Salmon 28” or greater per day with a four fish annual limit in place for the 2021 season.

CRISPY FRIED HALIBUT: For an excellent halibut recipe to make with your fresh Alaskan catch, go to the link below. This website has fantastic recipes that highlight Alaskan seafood of all types and share the important message of our resources’ sustainability. Go to

Give us a call to book your Alaska fishing adventure. We are open and ready!!